Monday, July 16, 2007

Tonight....All I Had Was a Hammer

Bob started us off with some ukemi practice. Some of the familiar forward and backward rolls. He made a few comments and had us try again. The last ukemi I haven't seen in a while. Turn all the way around and do a forward roll. I was fairly successful at it which is better than I did in the past for this one.

We stuck to one attack. I think it was kate menuch or something like that. Basically, uke grabs the collar/shoulder and also attacks with the other hand.

One response was catching the second hand early and doing an ikkyo. Another possibility was shihonage, and yet another was iriminage. I was having a heck of the time with the shihonage. My uke was constantly twisting out of it. Now, usually that means you need to get lower. What she was doing was totally mirroring me. Every time I got lower, she did too. I kept trying. Not sure what to do about it if I'm limited to shihonage. Ah well. There was yet another version where you grab both arms by wrapping your arm around them and then throw by pivoting your hips and pushing their hip or shoulder. This exercise seem to flow well.

Toward the end of class, Bob gave us a chance to do some freestyle for those who are interested. The attack was the same that we were using the whole time in class. We could have responded to it in any way but I think Bob was hoping for one of the techniques we did tonight. Number of uke's was dependent on the experience level of nage. I got three which I was confortable with. The one thing I did right was being fairly aware of where my attackers were at all times and more than a couple times I managed to put uke's in the way to slow things down a bit. My problem..... After responding to a few attacks I ended up falling into irminage like I was a skipping record. It was actually a good response to the attack and allowed me to place uke's where I needed them but it would have been nice to vary things a bit. I know in past randori sessions I've changed things up now and then. I can say this though. My iriminage felt good at least.

Off to Beverly now.....

Jim taught tonight. Did a bit of two handed grab for the attack. Do a tenkan, j-step, then ikkyo. After that we did the same start but instead of ikkyo, bring your arm down and do something similar to an udekimenage. There were a couple more versions... one similar to a koshinage but is more of a hip bump.

I was trying to do the two handed grab and got some lessons on the attack. Since I don't know any better I sort of gave nage a shihonage-like twist as I grabbed. It was subconcious. I did that about half the time. Both Shira and Matt thought it was an interesting problem to get around and asked me not to let go while they looked at it for a second. Both came up with solutions to deal with it. Later on, Matt got my arm in the same position. I'm not sure but I'm guessing it was intentional. Right away I thought of a solution, it might be a bad idea but it seemed to work well. Instead of immediately bringing my hand up for the tenkan/j-step, I curled my hand down and in towards my center as you tenkan and then brought it up. It seemed really fluid. The only thing I think might be bad is that you are drawing uke in a little doing it that way.


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