Saturday, July 07, 2007

What a Treat

Saw a couple new faces tonight. Actually, I think they were old faces. I didn't get to work with one of them but I did get to work with the other. He was a black belt called John. My understanding is he used to practice with Shodokan way back when they used to be located on Canal St.

Alan had us start with suwari waza ikkyo. I worked on a couple of issues that John made obvious for me. I really liked the feel of his technique, I would have loved to experience more of it. At one point he did an ura version probably because that's what he had. I wasn't expecting it at all but was able to blend with him well for this. That was nice. He kept me honest by letting me know that I wasn't always unbalancing him enough. He asked me as his uke to attempt an atemi to his face. If I touched him or got close, he knew he wasn't unbalancing me enough. He showed me the difference. So on my turn as nage I attempted to keep uke offbalance.

After this we changed parners and did some shomenuchi nikkyo omote and then shomenuchi kotagaeshi. My partner for the kotagaeshi was doing the technique so strong I had to either drop to the ground instantly or breakfall to relieve the pressure. Excellent.

At the end we finished up with a kokyunage. I had two partners for this. One was a 5th kyu and the other was the kendo instructor. It was an interesting mix. Sam showed me where I could improve my technique. When going down he would use one hand on the wrist and the other would slide the arm forward and down.


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