Monday, August 27, 2007

Alien Face Hugger Technique

I had Mark again as a partner tonight. The particular techniques and exercises tonight allowed me to really move Mark around. Tenchinage, iriminage, and the alien face hugger technique.

We did two versions of iriminage. The normal long version you normally would see, and another version where you do an atemi to uke's face and come straight through. Problem for me was that Mark didn't consider my atemi a threat so he never moved off balance. I usually had to lay my arm on his back with my hand on his shoulder to break his balance.

We did a technique where uke does tsuki. Nage steps in and plants his opposite elbow into the crook of the arm. Bob mentioned that ideally you can use your elbow to really hit the bicep and your other arm to hit the tricep at the same time. Just for practice we hit the inside of the arm, stay sticky, and twist the hips and drive uke down to the mat. This works fairly well actually.

Then we practiced the tenchinage to focus on the lower hand to aid in the previous exercise. Then we switched back to the other exercise again for a while. After this we went for the alien face hugger. Uke comes in with a tsuki (not that it matters much really), you step around uke, as you step behind uke, put your hand on uke's chest and move up till you get some traction on the face. Sometimes I managed to do this with my sleeve. Other times I had to cup the bottom of uke's chin. Bring the hand up and over. Simple but fairly effective.

Elbow's still hurt from Sunday morning but they are better. I skipped the usual second class in Beverly. I was torn actually. I'm sure they would've covered some test techniques for me and my test would've been more polished but I've been taking too many classes and my body needs rest.


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