Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday Night Breakfalls

We did sumi otoshi, and some exercise using the same breakfall, and then we did a tenchinage reversal.

I had Eric as a partner for the first sumi otoshi. Even though Alan wanted us to do a breakfall for it, Eric isn't really comfortable with breakfalls so he wanted to roll a few times first to get used to it. After a few I asked him if he was ready to give it a shot and he said yes. I threw him and gave him a lot of support by grabbing his other arm. He told me they were the best breakfalls he had ever done and thought he was really getting the hang of it. He said he was landing really lightly. Terrific. :)

The last exercise was doing a tenchinage, have uke push against you and resist. Turn your hips and throw. My partner at this point was Rachael who I'm guessing I outweigh by 50%. At one point she chose to resist and I realized how hard it was to move her even though I'm larger and outweigh her. This was quickly resolved by putting one hand on her shoulder for the throw and pulling a bit.


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