Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Over Being Sick

Last class was Monday. I only went to Salem as I just finished off a head-cold and don’t want to stress things.

Bob had us warm up and started us off with a few line techniques. It seemed like I was the only one paying attention. One student was doing a line technique but not the one that Bob was showing us. Others were doing it to the best of their ability. At one point, Bob stops us and has us look at how he’s using his hands. For this particular line technique it was tenkan, keep your hand in front of your center at mid level and then when pushing forward, roll your arm over as if you are going to do a rollout. Not a single person other than me was consistently turning his hand over. It’s like everyone was asleep. He just spent 5 minutes talking about it and no one was doing it. It’s not like it was a subtle point.

So, after a few line techniques, we moved on to nikkyo. There is a new student (he’ll test for 5th kyu this month) called Eric. At first he wasn’t getting the nikkyo and slowly improved. Toward the end, he did a couple that dropped me to the floor instantly. He let go as he was concerned about me getting hurt. I told him to keep going, and don’t let go next time. I hit the deck that quickly to avoid pain and injury, not because I was getting injured.

The test is coming at the end of the month. I still intend on testing myself for 4th kyu. Unfortunately, I've missed a few classes due to illness at a bad time so I don't know where I'm at in terms of testing.


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