Sunday, August 19, 2007

Notes For Three Classes

Sunday’s class with Peter was mostly dealing with two hands on two wrists attacks. One of the more interesting moments was watching the other students when he did a tenchinage Bob style. Instead of putting one hand high and the other low, you turn in keeping the low hand at your center. Position the sky hand vertically and then turn your hips as you step and throw.

On Monday I went to both Salem and Beverly. Both dojos had an easy class for some reason. Salem had Bob focusing on test techniques which was a welcome change.

The 3rd kyu technique was kaitenage. Bob had us learn two ways to do it mentioning the old way and the new way. People do it the new way because it’s easier and doesn’t require timing. The ‘traditional’ way had nage coming in early and catching the inside of the elbow before tsuki has time to come forward. Then you turn uke like you normally would and slide your hand to the arm for the throw. The new way, you irimi during the tsuki so it misses, then you put your hand on top of the out stretched arm, bring it down and then turn uke and throw.

The 4th kyu technique he had us work in tsuki iriminage. In fact, he had us focus on the very one I was interested in for the upcoming test. There are many versions. He just happen to hit the one I wanted to do. I’m excited I got to practice that. For this version, you irimi and come straight in and bring uke’s head up and then forward. There is no tenkan or anything. You just come straight in and do it. If you wanted to be mean, it could instead be a clothesline.

The 5th kyu technique was tsuki kotagaeshi. Same old stuff, look back the other way, pull uke around, tenkan and do it.

At the end of class we had a randori session with a guy who I believe is a 1st level kyu and then Sensei Bob got a turn as nage. I got to serve as one of the three ukes for both. On the 1st kyu's turn he did a lot of grabbing of heads. The attack was limited to tsuki. I could have kidney punched him once but held back a bit. He lost track of me behind him. On another occasion I got a punch in and got him in the gut. It wasn’t a hard punch but I didn’t wait for him to set up as he should have seen me coming. I was coming straight at his front.

Bob did better and one thing I noticed was that he moved around a lot more. He got out of the way a lot positioning himself better which slowed the pace down. Interesting to watch.

Bob said he noticed something in my practice. He said.... “I see a lot of Mike and Matt (from Beverly) in your technique which is ok but you should try doing this”. Over the next couple weeks I've been trying to be more aware of how I'm doing techniques. I try now to pay attention to exactly what I'm doing. Eventually, I figure I'll make some kind of determination as to what fits me best.

On to a class in Beverly.....

Beverly focused on some simple self defense moves. Things like collar and elbow grabs. How to break the grip when you want and not break the grip and draw uke in.

The drawing of uke in led to a nikkyo. There was a whole bunch of other stuff that Mike didn’t get to because we ran out of time.

The point of the classes was to also practice timing.


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