Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Test Night

We had our usual class before the test. It was relatively light.

We started with a kokyuho. Bring the arm in a circle starting down and then over.

Then the next technique was wagikitame(or something like that). I did this one in Beverly a few weeks back I think. Mr. Mulligan liked what we were doing. He offerred some refinements. Nice change from being bad at something. One refinement, when going down for the pin don't be right next to uke. You can get better leverage on the elbow if you leave a gap between you.

After this we did a sneaky sankyo. We used the same entry as the last technique, get the sankyo. Once this is done you kind of move the sankyo hand in front of uke's center and curl the hand up into uke by rotating the wrist up the center towards the head. Uke falls over.

I took my 4th kyu test tonight.

The problem with being at this stage of learning ..... you actually know enough to recognize the mistakes you are making. As soon as I sat down I reviewed the test in my head and thought. Ah hell. At one point my uke was trying to hint to me that I was doing something wrong by offerring resistance. Not recognizing the problem, I choose to respond by controlling uke. I kept him pinned and went so far as to offer an elbow to his back. This is part of the polish that I would have liked to work on.

Focusing more on what I was doing right. I had really good kazushi. I thought I controlled uke really well. I also think my zanshin was there.

Some of the techniques I did well, others, eh. I can't wait for the next class. I'm going to practice one of the worst ones over and over until it's second nature. I'll work on some of the footwork I didn't like too. I'm sure the instructors will work on all the holes with us.

At one point I was given the impression that I may be asked to do a freestyle. I was almost a little disappointed not to be asked. I was mentally prepared for that more than the test itself really. I think I would have done well for my level. No ukemi test tonight which is unusual. Then again, the instructors watch you every class so they know who is capable of what.

I had someone come by for moral support. If you search way back in the archives you'll see me mention my partner back at Gloucester, Kim. He swung by specifically to watch my test. Nice guy.

Special Thanks goes out to Greg who agreed last minute to be my uke for the test. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.


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