Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2 Classes For Friday Night

Alan had his usual class. We mostly worked on sankyo, both standing and hanme handache. I had a few partners but made it a point to work with the newest beginner. Sometimes I notice stuff about my aikido when the pace slows down while I’m working with them. He was kind of funny though. He’s always asking tons of questions. He said he wants to do the technique perfectly. So I asked him if he had to do it perfectly by today. After class he mentioned that he was going through a period of feeling as though he’s not learning anything. I told him not to worry. That the feeling will come and go even as you get more experienced.

Bob came to teach the Friday night class. He made an announcement that everyone was invited to the second class. Even though I had plans, this was only the second invitation to the advanced Friday night class since I’ve been there so I stayed. After Chris warmed us up, Bob set us up in a line. In fact, we did pretty much nothing but line practice for the whole class. It was quite a workout. He was showing nuances of hands and feet and body position. I did so-so. I got the hand motion correct but spent so much time focusing on it that I had my other hand not doing things quite right or sometimes my footwork was a bit off or I wasn't low enough.

At the end of class, Bob asked if anyone wanted to practice some freestyle. Since the class was all wrist grabs, he was expecting us to all attack with wrist grabs. I myself recognized this pattern in his other classes so I did wrist grabs as uke. Others did not realize and were throwing all kinds of strikes. I didn’t feel as though I did particularly well for this freestyle. A couple of times I had great position but was unable to perform a technique. I sort of locked up. I was trying to do one of the 3 techniques he asked us to do as a response. It’s kind of hard to do when you’re expecting a wrist grab. Not impossible, just hard. All I could think of was, I have this guy turned, punch him in the face or break his elbow. Of course, you can’t do that so I stand there. I hope my aikido is good enough at some point that I can do something else other than brutally respond.

Before bowing out Bob suggested we pick a favorite technique. It’s basically a judo concept. Pick a technique and practice it like crazy and learn to do it from anywhere. (He was implying that if you’re ever stuck at least you can do your favorite without thinking about it.). My last freestyle was better in that I never hesitated, but I was told I could do anything I wanted for that one. In this freestyle I was trying to limit myself to the four responses that we just practiced. Three were variations on a line throw, one was kaitenage.


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