Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Night Late Practice

I couldn't get to Salem tonight as I was needed home. I'll try and get there on Wednesday though(which is unusual for me).

Matt taught tonight.

We started with the usual ukemi practice. One weird thing though. I know I haven’t seen Beverly folks in a few weeks but all of a sudden they were all doing weeble rolls much more silently. Shira and Mike were always quiet, but everyone else was louder. Now, all of a sudden I noticed that all of them are whisper quiet. I guess a class or two ago, they all started practicing falling softer. I started practicing it as well. I am now much quieter on one side but the other side needs work. The gist of it is to do the roll but keep your feet off the floor more and spread your legs nice and wide.

We started a line of jumping over the end of the jo. On Shira’s turn she put the jo at a fairly high height off the ground for me. I took a good breakfall for it. For some reason I was less comfortable with using the jo tonight. I still enjoy it though.

We did tsuki kotagaeshi, katatetori shihonage, shomenuchi ikkyo, and ushiro tekubitori kotagaeshi. At one point during the shihonage I realized that the initial hand grab I do like Bob. It’s not conscious at all. I must do it that way from watching him over and over again. I tried to do it Matt’s way. Always have to pay attention to what's being taught. Always a challenge to not just do the same thing. I always try to practice techniques like the instructor. Another aspect of this technique is how you do the beginning. Jim likes to immediately push you to the side and walk straight with everything in front of him. Matt was suggesting you can torque the elbow immediately into an arm bar before moving anywhere. In any event, getting to practice this from a hand grab was good for me.

At the end of class we had a practice test. I was able to be uke.

I'm guessing she did well enough to pass a 5th kyu test. There were lots of little things for her to fix up but in general it was really good. In fact, the stuff she was doing right…. She was doing really right. I was off balanced quite a bit for a couple of the techniques. One of the minor details she needs to work on is her vertical pins. Apparently, because I am so flexible, she is able to move my arm to the incorrect side for a pin. This had the feeling of lots of pressure on my elbow. At the time I had no idea what she was doing. After the practice test, Matt mentioned it to her and explained with detail what she was doing. From watching him I finally realize how flexible my shoulders really are. I knew I was flexible because people have told me but I had no idea that I could stretch out that far.

The only thing she really has to work on was remembering how to do the last technique. She didn’t match the name up with the technique. Once it was quickly described to her she instantly remembered it. Considering she still has practice time before the test, I'd say she's in great shape.

As for me, I felt like I was doing eeehhh most of the class. This is what I get for missing a couple of classes in a row. I didn’t do anything particularly well or poor. I have the ukemi to work on now though which is nice. I also want to work on my shihonage a little more. Maybe I can grab someone before class on Wednesday.

As a side note. I haven't injured myself in quite a while which is why I hadn't mentioned anything. The thumb I hurt so long ago has at this point is 99% all healed up. At least I finally have stength back in it. For a while any technique that required a little thumb strength was difficult for me. Even holding on as uke.


At October 31, 2007 12:22 AM, Blogger ZeppoManx said...


I've never heard the term "weeble rolls". Is that just a front roll?


At October 31, 2007 10:27 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Oh man... once again I am stuck trying to describe something.

Ok.... I have an idea. Check out this excellent media clip that someone put together.


Look at the roll that the instructor is doing at 0:00:22.75

It's very close to the weeble rolls.


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