Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Started Out With Shihonage

Bob started us out with shihonage. Recently I commented about how I recall doing my shihonage similar to Bob's. Now, I perceived him doing it differently at this class. Maybe it was the same..... maybe not. Isn't learning fun?

He called me up as uke for it. It was really an odd feeling. When uke's hand is returned to his shoulder I always refer to that as nice shihonage. When uke's arm is torqued outwards(set up for a breakfall) I always call that evil shihonage. Depending on your partners experience level and what you agree upon is which one you practice. What Bob was doing felt really odd. Now, mind you ... this is only my perception of things, not necessarily reality. It almost felt like he started off in a nice shihonage and at the very end went slightly evil. Cause every time I didn't feel the need to attempt a breakfall until the very last second, after I was already offbalance and falling. I wish I could have seen it. It was quite uncomfortable.

Anyway, after that we did some knife disarms with shihonage. We then did some more knife disarms with gokyo. The last technique he had us cover was similar to wagitikame(no idea how its really spelled). Then he was forced to close class about 15 minutes early. He had gotten a phone call that called him away. So I stuck around for 30 minutes or so and worked with Eric on 4th kyu promotion techniques. We went through the first 5 techniques briefly just to see what he remembered of them. I really have to ask Mr. Mulligan which version of shomenuchi nikkyo he would like to see during tests. I showed Eric the more traditional one. This is not the one I did for my test.

After that, Eric and I worked on our breakfalls together.


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