Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still Fitting Classes In Whereever Whenever I Can

The last class I took was Saturday in Salem. I sent an email to ask if they were having a class and Mr. Mulligan replied with a Yes... I should come. I came and it was quite a spectacle. Turns out that on Saturday's I guess they share the mat with the judo kids class. This was quite a challenge for me as I enjoy watching them so they are quite the distraction. I also found out that they frequently do a free practice Sat mornings.

There were six of us with me being the least experienced student. Luckily one of the people who showed to practice was the Kendo instructor. I love working with this guy, he's just amazing. Since I think two of the people were going for 3rd kyu this week, we basically did the 3rd kyu test. The most important thing I learned is...... I'm not ready to take a 3rd kyu test. Good thing I'm going for 4th at some point next. Salem's test was just this week. Had I been able to practice more I likely would have tested. There are a couple things I need to brush up on that I am aware of.

Speaking of brushing...... Mr. Mulligan asked us after class if we had time to sweep the lines in the parking lot. Turns out he was going to re-stripe it.

Since my last post I've taken a class at Salem and one or two at Beverly I'm guessing. The last Beverly class had Rob teaching. Rob was attempting to teach his 'watery' style of aikido. It's seemingly softer yet just as effective. In some sense it can be the hardest flavor to pick up. I don't know if it's something you cultivate or perhaps your nature dictates your style.

Thumb still weak btw from long ago. Tendon injurys are slow to heal.

Friday, May 18, 2007

First Class in Salem In a While

Wife was willing to try out her ankle so I got to go to Salem for a class tonight.

I think at the end of the month is a test. Bummer is, had I not had to miss so many classes I'd likely take the test.

Tonight was great we did lots of suwari waza nikkyo and suwari waza sankyo. Alan came around from student to student to make adjustments. The person I was working with would do a sankyo correctly on one side but on the other he kept grabbing and supporting my wrist. Alan came by at one point and 'fixed' him. My biggest problem was that Alan wanted us to go down to a knee on the head side first for Sankyo. I'm so used to putting the other knee down first I have to actually think about it.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday and Wednesday at Beverly

Monday night.... Shira taught and Mike taught the end of class. The most interesting part of the class was a kotagaeshi that was on the horizontal plane. Most of these you sort of lever the persons arm over. This was more back and forth. It's one of those deals where you turn your hips the other way to help generate power. Very cool. Jim helped me do a few breakfalls from this technique since I've never done one from kotagaeshi before.

Wednesday night. Mike taught.

We did.....
ukemi practice. We practiced rolling in a straight line. Now how is this different from any other day? Really, it isn't. But Mike mentioned one possible reason why someone could be rolling crooked. Oddly enough most of my back rolls have always been relatively straight. It's rolling forward that has my going 6-10" to the left and right. We practiced weeble rolls again. We moved on to a line technique where we basically were doing a ukemi over the jo. I love this practice but hadn't seen it in a while. In fact, a month or so ago back at Shodokan I grabbed a jo and did it with another student after class for a few minutes.

For techniques we covered.... shihonage iriminage, omote and ura versions, tsuki kotagaeshi, tsuki tao toshi and ended with moretetori kokyuho.

Sorry if I butchered the spellingon those. Usually I look stuff like that up but its too late at night for that. Maybe I'll edit this later.

I always liked tao toshi. My biggest problem with it is I tend to want to bring my hands in as I'm throwing.

The other fun technique as kotagaeshi. I used this as an opportunity to practice doing breakfalls. At first I was barrel rolling quite a bit. Then I managed to start turning over my partners wrist better. I'm not sure how many of them were on the money. They were all comfortable enough.

(Tiny muscle pull, will be fine in the morning)