Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday Night

What an interesting class. The mat was fairly full with about 16 students on it.

Great class but I had to really work my ukemi for this one. Not because of the techniques per se but more because of how my partners were performing techniques.

For tsuki kotageashi, I had an interesting partner. This guy is really large, really strong, and still working on getting it. I hope he doesn't treat everyone like he does me. He spent a good amout of time resisting strongly so I was presented with an interesting problem. How do I overcome his resistance without hurting him(his ukemi isn't that great and he's really stiff). It was a great practice in trying to keep him off balance. I also learned one other lesson. I can roll some over for the pin two ways. One is to put uke's hand in front of their face and the other holds the elbow while you walk around their head. The other way is hard to describe, you sort of get the angle just right to affect the elbow and shoulder and turn them by moving their arm a certain way. Here is what I learned.... don't do one halfway and then go for the other. Once you pick one, stick with it. When I tried to transition, this strong guy was able to resist me.

The other bit of challenge I had is one of the 5th kyus was doing what I call evil shihonage. Where your arm is extended out. He wasn't even aware of it. In response I leaned into him in case I had to breakfall but he let go early everytime. Certainly kept me on my toes. I've only done a breakfall out of that position all of 6 times probably.

I was glad to help Mr. Mulligan with a demo for the current beginners group. We started with an ushiro attack. I grabbed his wrists. He showed them how to turn that into an ikkyo. I was holding him with significant pressure. He still was able to easily move. Pure technique. Very cool.

Got home and had the usual warm fuzzy feeling I get after a class. I pretty much always have this feeling after a practice.


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