Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Had a Few More Classes

My last one was on Monday. I came straight from digging out the snow. We got a good foot or more where I lived. So, I was fairly tired to begin with before class.

Bob started us with tenkan practice. After that we moved to an ushiro iriminage exercise. Uke does a tsuki strike, nage does a tenkan and steps back for the iriminage. At first I wasn't really getting it at all. Such a simple thing, yet I had to see it again before I got something close to what I was seeing. After that I experimented once or twice with rotating my hips into the throw just to see how that felt.

By the end of class we moved on to an exercise in moving fluidly. We all lined up in a row. First uke did a tsuki, nage tenkans past and moves to next nage who does a shomen strike. Nage does an iriminage and then moves to the next uke who then does a tsuki and so forth. So nage alternates between evading an attack an dealing with one. We all started to improve some as we kept this up. I kept having a problem where my footwork was a little off. After a technique I should have taken a step to get into a different hanmi. Because I paid little attention to that detail I either was or wasn't in the correct hanmi. Why does it matter? Well, apparently when someone throws a shomen strike at me when I'm in the wrong hanmi my current reaction is to do a kaitenage. This surprises me a lot. I don't particurlarly like the technique.

After quite a few turns of this. We sort of moved into freestyle positions opposite each other on the mat. We then came at uke in a specific order with the same order of attack. After this was done, we did the same thing only attack order was randomized by lot. Then at the end everyone got a turn to attack with either the tsuki or shomen strike. Uke is supposed to react by evading or by doing the iriminage.

I think Bob was hoping to see an improvement in the fluidity of movement. Moving from one attacker to the next. Good thing we have lots of time to pick all this up.

During one particular run through one of the guys planted this girl for the iriminage. Afterwards I asked him what that was all about. He said it just sort of happened. She is so flexible and he didn't anticipate her reaction well. She was fine but it looked funny in a vindictive sort of way. PLANT ..... SPLAT!!!

My experience with her is she gives up a little too much as uke. Then again there are others that react that way as well so maybe it's me. I don't think so though.

As an aside.... after a great class on Sunday with Peter, we all stuck around after class. Sam gave us a short weapons class. I was fine during the class. I made some nice improvements. The biggest problem was about 48 hours later my shoulders and some muscles I never knew about were complaining.


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