Friday, January 25, 2008

Kazushi Training

Bob taught tonight instead of Alan. He had us go through the same exercise we did for the last couple of classes. Basically, taking attacks from multiple opponents.

At first the movements were planned. Once we moved to 4 people attacking and you don't know what exactly they are about to do, things fell apart a bit. I can't say I was freaking out or anything. I never lose control of my response. I may not have a great response but no matter what I don't get all excited and kill someone. There was one moment where Kim came at me full bore. I moved very quickly back to put some space between us and also between the next attackers. I'm thinking now that perhaps all that space isn't really necessary. In fact, all I think I really did was invite people to feel the need to cover that ground faster.

Perhaps holding my ground for that one would have been better.

I don't see much improvement but I can say I enjoy being both nage and uke for these exercises. I find them fun. There was one or two moments of success. At one point I managed to purposely take uke and plop him down in front of my next attacker.

A couple times I ended up in a strange position. Perhaps in a good spot for a corner throw but that wasn't one of the allowed/suggested responses.

At least in my mind I could picture doing this smoothly. If I could only get my body to cooperate I'd be in good shape.

I came home smiling from ear to ear again. Man, do I love aikido. Always feel great after class.


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