Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ok I've Been Practicing.... Really

I've pretty much gone to classes 3-4 times a week since my last post. I just haven't seem to find the time to write anything down nowadays. I'm doing it now for tonight at least....... at 2am.

Alan taught tonight. I've seen patterns in the teaching lately. The past couple of classes where the instructor was going somewhere with a thought, I've somehow paid enough attention to predict the next technique.

Tonight we started with a line specifically practicing breakfalls. Then, Alan had us to a wrist grab, tenkan, swing uke around with a j-step, turn your hips and extend out for a throw. The whole point of this exercise was to practice extension.

After this we kept to the same opening but instead we slid in after the j-step to slide our arm behind uke and bring it up and tenkan around sort of chicken winging the shoulder. It was at this point that I thought to myself.... we are about 2 seconds away from a hip throw.

Sure enough, after a bunch of these, Alan had us doing hip throws. I had a nervous partner. He was happy to take ukemi but was nervous about doing the throw. I took a few throws from him, never complained but they were really kind of rough. Tough landing.

One nice surprise. Kim showed up tonight. He and I started out in Gloucester together. He was working with Igor and doing terrific. His ukemi looked great and with Igors judo background, his throws looked terrific too. I've seen him for a couple of classes now. He said he wanted to work with me again.

One funny thing... when partners were choosing up, a really short girl got a really tall guy as a partner. This is a huge challenge for both of them to do the hip throw. Was kind of amusing to watch.

I'd say overall I was throwing fairly smoothly tonight. In fact, I was feeling great about everything. I was really happy to be in class. The missed classes due to the holidays was a bummer.

One other thing of note. I've been experimenting a bit with how I am doing the techniques. After something is shown, I noticed that I've been paying more attention lately to how things are working. After a few throws, I remembered something and added it to the practice... etc. I'm not just mindlessly doing the technique over and over without thought. This in my mind is good progress.

I want to work on a particular ukemi soon. I'll let you all know how it goes.


At January 14, 2008 11:31 AM, Anonymous Rob from beverly said...

As to the question of freestyle,from your last blog, a shift needs to be made from reacting to attacks which places you at the disadvantage of not knowing when and where or how fast the attack is comming, to the proactive orientation of entering into your next attacker. This lets you present a side when and where you want it, and you know before nage when you will break that mai at which you are both safe. Ten kan, irimi and entering while stepping off the line all enter to the next attacker. If you have mulitple attackers, by entering you know who will attack next instead of guessing who will get to you first. Remember the march of the wooden soldiers excercise we sometime do in beverly. You are safest when you are entering. Mental visualization can also be a powerful tool. Keeping this flowing is almsot as hard as the real thing.


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