Monday, February 11, 2008

Pears Are Obviously Bad For You

I went to class Friday night feeling fine. Somewhere in the middle of class I felt kind of nauseous. I asked the sensei if I could sit down for a bit to rest.

I just assumed I was somehow having a wimpy moment. It never even occurred to me that I was sick. It came on so sudden. The class was basically designed to help us practice breakfalls. Kotageashi, shihonage, sumi-otoshi. I had people asking me to join in but I just couldn't. So, I sat and watched.

I headed home, took a shower, got comfortable, and.... barfed. I felt tons better, thought I was cured as I figured I just ate something bad. Since I was craving sugar some, I grabbed a pear and ate it, then sat down for a little while. Then I got up to .... go barf up the pear.

At this point my wife, asked with amazement if I really ate something. At this point even I was willing to admit I had something. I spent the entire weekend hiding from my children drinking a few sips of water once in a while to keep hydrated. I had chills and probably a fever. Some kind of stomach bug.

This all started Friday night. It is now Monday night. I skipped Sunday mornings class and tonight. I did feel well enough to go but my stomach is still a touch swirly and I'm just plain tired.

I'll try to make it to class tomorrow night.

What's all this got to with aikido.... well not much I guess other than to log the fact that I missed a couple of classes.

There are a couple things I've noticed though. My basic personality is so easy going, that even while getting sick with the worst wrenches of my gut.... I was still in a relatively good mood. You don't have to like getting sick.... it's just part of the process.

I can't say the weekend was fun but it really makes you appreciate the days you feel good. Which for me is almost all of the time.


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