Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools

I was unable to get to the 6pm class in Salem tonight as I was needed at home. I was however able to make it to the 8:15 class in Beverly.

Mike taught tonight. In honor of April fools, we did reversals. We did shihonage, sankyo, and nikkyo. We learned one way for each to do a reversal. They ended up being, kotagaeshi, nikkyo, and some kind of otoshi or something for a throw.

I worked with a relative beginner tonight. He's really interesting to work with because he tends to act more honestly, then someone trained. It's been a while since someone gave me an absolutely straight arm when I'm trying to do nikkyo. Now... in real life if I had to work that hard, I'd just go with something else. He also does things like.... turns his back on you for ikkyo and so forth. Very interesting to wotk with someone doing these things.

On the way out I mentioned to Matt that I was interested in taking my 3rd kyu test in Salem maybe in the fall. I was wondering if folks at Beverly would help me brush up on some things.
At this point I need tons of practice on everything. I'd like to start early so I can give a good demo when the times comes.


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