Friday, March 07, 2008

I Started Practiciing With Kim

A couple weeks back Kim told me he wanted to test at the end of this month. Also, that he wanted me to take ukemi for him. I was surprised but told him I'd be happy to. It was not too long ago that he told me he would likely not test again because of his knees. I guess he had a change of heart.

We worked together last friday night after class. We got permission from Mr. Mulligan to take a corner on the mat during his Friday night class.

Kim and I worked on multiple techniques for his test. I had an interesting moment during this. Kim asked me to do a technique and I told him I didn't remember it. He said just try it. Apparently, it was in muscle memory. For suwari waza nikkyo, there was an atemi, and we sort of slide the back of our wrist/hand down uke's arm drawing him down. Kim wasn't doing this at all. We both realized the difference and he started practicing that way. So, Kim was learning from taking ukemi and paying lots of attention. Oddly enough this is the one technique I was unhappy with on my own test. Kind of odd that I do it better now and I don't think we've been practicing this one much.

Kim had a similar aha moment when we were taking turns for shihonage ura. There was something he said his instructors kept telling him trying to get him to use his hips. He finally figured out it had to do with his footwork.

Both he and I feel as though he's benefitting from the extra practice. I made some suggestions to make sure he knows all the techniques in the test.


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