Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Tender and Delicious

Lucky Kim got a 4th kyu technique to do in Friday nights practice. Frankly, I think it helped a lot. From what I recall, we did ushiro tekubitori sankyo, a line technique for kaitenage, and then moved on to 25 minutes of koshinage.

I have to say that basically, I haven't had anything resmbling an injury in a real long time. Maybe a bruise or two from a pinch. This class however was non-stop hip throws for 25 minutes with Kim tenderizing me. About half the time he wouldn't let go of either hand. He would go out of his way to capture both my hands not allowing me to slap the mat. He was aware of it too and working on it but he couldn't help himself. Add to that a set of bad knees so he tends to take a wide stance and occasionally there is no hip to go over. After I started to get tired I actually relaxed more for the fall and overall did fine. I didn't realize it until class was over but the muscles on the back of my upper legs were pounded on to the point where there was a deep ache in the muscle. After a nights sleep they feel remarkably better but there is still some ache there. I'm trying to work it out by getting my knuckles into the muscle some. I should be as good as new by Monday night's class. Until then, I declare myself to be tender and delicious.

Wednesday is test day and coming up fast. Aside from Kim's 4th kyu test there is someone doing a nikkyu test I'm told. I have no idea who is doing it. It should be fun to watch. I'll have to look at the technique list to see what that person has to do.

I was wondering if I would get called up to help with the rondori portion. And .. if so, how nuts do you get with that. I can attack fairly aggressively if needed, but is it desired for these things. I have no clue. Never seen a nikkyu test before.


At March 24, 2008 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The free style in aikido is not a true self defense situation but it is as close as we get. It is an opportunity to allow nage to reach a level of harmony in dealing with multiple attacks. That being said you want to attack in a committed way and try to let them find there rythm, neither attacking too soft or under committed with your center nor in a way which will overwhelm their abilities. This is an opportunity to allow them to suceed. I like to attack people at just slightly above their comfort zone. It allows them to rise to the occation but still lets them find the zone. As uke, becareful of the narrow matt space at shodokan. Nage may not be able to be aware of their proximity in a free style. No fun getting thrown into a wall. Rob

At March 25, 2008 11:45 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

I'd say my biggest question about it was if I'm supposed to do an attack if nage exposes his back to me. eg. wrist/shoulder grab of some kind or a choke.

I found out who is testing tonight and I'm less concerned about it at this point.

At March 26, 2008 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that is appropriate but again do not atttack in a way which will overwhelm the situation. If he is moving at 3/4 spped and intention, attack at 3/4 speed and intention. If his back is turned, grab rather than strikechoke is ok but leave some wiggle room so they can find a way out and continue the free style.Rob


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