Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tonight Was Test Night

I don't often get to class on Wednesday's due to reasons of marriage. When you figure I get in 3-4 classes a week thats really not that bad a concession. The biggest bummer about it is that it is Mr. Mulligan's night to teach the regular class. I really enjoy his classes and I've had little opportunity to go because of the conflict.

Anyway... we had a good class before the test. We started out with tsuki iriminage. This was a bit of a surprise as we seldom do test techniques before a test. As it happened I had Kim as my partner so we got a little more practice in on this before he had to test.

After this we worked into a strange thing where you enter, bring your hand in around the front of uke's neck and instead of grabbing the collar as is often done for a choke, we used the back of our hand to push against uke's face and turn him. Your other hand is on his wrist. Take a big step back and kneel and you have uke on the ground with the head kind of pinned and in an armbar.

We did a couple variations of this and at the end moved into a 'simple' kokyunage where you irimi, drop your hand on uke's arm and turn with your hips just a bit. Uke goes to the ground.

After class we set up for the test. We usually bring a table onto the mat with chairs so the instructors can see everything well enough.

Between classes I tried to stretch out again (a good idea since I was warmed up from the first class). Then I did some centering exercises. Even though it wasn't my test I noticed I was a little too up so I sat down and relaxed for a few minutes before we needed to line up.

We were first up, bowed in and began the test. Kim did well enough. I think he was a bit nervous as he tended to do better during our practices together. He wanted to practice things from static and yet didn't turn around for the ushiro techniques so I just ran around him some. Maybe that's what he wanted. We didn't talk about it much. I figured, no big deal, just go with it, give him an attack. Something like that occurred earlier too. I saw Kim take a hanmi. So I took mine.... then he changed. Rather than me flip my feet around I just attacked him with the correct hand. Instead of a step I just slid in. So basically he got the same attack he was expecting. He probably didn't even notice. I did this to avoid the hanmi dance you see sometimes.

Kim did pretty good for the suwari waza. He has bad knees so doing anything like this is tough for him.

My favorite ukemi I did for the test was..... no... not the kotagaeshi breakfalls... it was a simple slide to the ground for one of Kim's ura techniques. A couple of times I managed to slide down smoothly and almost silently. That was kind of cool.

After we got to watch the nikkyu test. The guy did real well. I could go on in detail but I don't think I could do it justice.


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