Sunday, April 13, 2008

Couldn't Go Sunday Morning. Probably Can't Go Monday Either

I had an unveiling to go to. After a relative dies you come back in a year and 'unveil' the headstone. There is a brief ceremony.... smack dab in the middle of Sunday's aikido class.

Priorities for this month have been killing my training schedule. It will get better I'm hoping. There is no hope of my getting to Monday's class in Salem. There is a chance I'd get to Beverly's late class but it's unlikely. My parents are in town for just a couple of more days and want to see me that night.

As I've said in previous posts.... family comittments are really hammering me right now.

What stinks the most about it is that Aikido is one of the things that de-stresses me. I am a generally calm person in general but practicing makes it such that I can stand a tornado of stress and just sit in the calm center.


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