Friday, April 04, 2008

Gosh... I'm Spoiled. 3rd Kyu Techniques

We did a few 3rd kyu techniques tonight. Suwari waza nikkyo I had a clue about but got some good practice in. yokomenuchi kotagaeshi... same thing really. For some reason the hand change is a lot more natural than it used to be. We also did yokomenuchi iriminage so I was able to work on that a bit. A lot of these techniques I think I just need some time to work the kinks out.

The last technique however... hanmi handache kaitenage. I haven't done this in a real long time. I'm curious how the standing version is done for soto.... or is that uchi....

I got home to find my wife on the couch after having fallen down the stairs. She was banged up pretty bad and she was telling me how bad a job she did falling (she doesn't practice aikido). I asked her if she hit her head and she said no. I told her she did a great job falling. I'm pretty sure nothing is broken but she banged herself up pretty bad.

My DAPI: 1
Wife DAPI: 7


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