Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mat Wasn't Hard

The weather is finally turning warmer. We've reached a point that the mat isn't hard from the cold. Sundays are really turning out to be interesting. Peter has stepped the class up a bit.

Today we worked on shihonage breakfalls again which was great. We also did breakfall practice during the ukemi practice.

We covered kaitenage which is great because even though this is a relatively simple technique, I need lots of practice with it. We did a lot of throws today. Not much in the way of controls. This made for a very dynamic class.

After class I took a look at Kim's ukemi for a bit. For some reason he said when he takes ukemi for a kotagaeshi it hurt his knee quite a bit. I was puzzled by this as I don't hit my knee at all. He said breakfalling was easier on his knee. So we looked at the ukemi for it for a few minutes after class. I had no idea what I did for just 'falling down' without a breakfall. Kim was coming straight down to one knee which is why it hurt his knees. We looked at what I was doing. I allow myself to be put off balance by the technique and apparently I do a sort of side break fall without the slap. I just roll down on my shin/leg/hip. No impact to the knee at all. So... for good or bad Kim was trying to do it that way. Then we spoke briefly about the breakfall version.

My wife's relatives are in town which gives me a break. Good chance I can make the first class in Salem tomorrow night.

The latest change in my classes... I noticed I started paying more attention to technique again instead of ukemi. Trying real hard to get kazushi.


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