Friday, April 18, 2008

Oohhh... That's What We're Doing

We started with a simple exercise of 2 hand grab, tenkan, j-step, atemi, go under the arm and project uke out and down. There is a guy who shows up now again. His name is ??Greg??. I haven't seen ??Greg?? for a while. He grabbed me after the demo and he really focused tons on moving me with his center.

One technique we did was ikkyo. My partner was one of the new folks. He was getting the ikkyo more or less right. He was messing up the beginning a bit. 2 hand grab, move uke around with a tenkan, j-step. Rather than dropping his elbow and moving me around. He was leaving the whole arm down and tried dragging me around. I was wondering if he'd pick it up from me. He didn't but after a few rounds, Alan came over and gave him a correction.

The last technique of the night, Alan asked me to help demo. I actually had no idea what he was going to do. 2 hand grab again. He brings me around does a j-step and before I realize what's going on I'm in the middle of a hip throw. Because I was caught off-guard I didn't think to put my hand on him to help myself. I did however do a textbook fall. It was quite comfortable. After that I started putting my arm where it belongs so he can pull me up at the end.

After the demo Kim made a beeline for me. I guess he prefers the known evil of my hip throws to someone random. This is mixed for sure. Kim has bad knees.... knows he has bad knees... knows he's supposed to keep his feet together but can't. As a result, Kim doesn't give you a hip to go over. He hauls you over his back. So the throw is higher. He also has a tendency to forget to let go of your slap hand. He hung on to it at least a half dozen times.

Great class. Nice to get back on the mat. I was disappointed class was over actually. I could have kept going.

After class I grabbed this guy Eric. Eric wants to go for his 4th kyu test soon. So we went through the whole test together. He remembered most of it which is good because I guess he's been away for a while.


At April 19, 2008 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that technique. 2 hand grab, nage drops elbow, extends uke forward then back and up like a wave, you go under twist hips and extend forward. right? this tec. nis great with your bokken. extention is the key. atemi to the face is open. then a sword cut with ukes arm extending once again, kick atemi to the ribs or neck. under twist extend


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