Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday Night Jujinage

Got to Alan's class barely on time. I work about a 65 minute drive away from the dojo so once in a while when there is traffic I end up being a touch late.

It was quite crowded. We practiced.... an ushiro kotagaeshi, a hanmi handache sankyo, and a hanmi handache jujinage. This was a lot of fun. An interesting group of techniques to practice.

After class I was approached by someone else asking if I could uke for them for the test. I told them I was already helping someone else for their test but if they couldn't find anyone I'd be happy to help. I'd be surprised if I were out of gas after the first test. I also suggested a couple of names of people he might look for on test night who would be excellent uke's as well.

Being uke for the first guy is one thing. The second person however has amazingly strong technique. I love working with him. Whoever uke's for him will have to be on their toes.

I told him he can count on me if no one is available. I'd make sure he has a test partner. I probably have enough hours to take the 3rd kyu test myself at this point but I don't feel as though I'd had enough practice with some of the techniques. I could likely pass.... but I always like to do more than just pass. I may not accomplish it but its a goal.

After class I worked on my movement again. Trying to move around on the mat on my knees in a more fluid manner.


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