Saturday, August 16, 2008

Feeling My Way

I was recently working with someone doing a kaitenage of some kind(I think it started with a hand grab actually). I'm in the middle of the technique when all of a sudden I feel a strong amount of resistance. Uke was keeping her shoulder frozen some so that getting the arm down and around was going to be difficult. I'm not sure at this point how much time I spent doing the following but I suspect it wasn't long.

I felt, more than saw, the nature of the resistance and somehow without thinking much about it I just applied a nikkyo. Now, I have no idea if uke hit the floor lightning fast to protect her wrist, because I just applied something very effective, or out of fear. Next time I see her I may ask her if she remembers whether she felt the nikkyo.

Nikkyo was not the technique we were practicing and I asked if she'd be nice enough to resist again and I would try to find a way to do the technique anyway. I found that if I made a larger circle I was able to easily overcome the strength. That is nice of course but I think that from a self defense perspective just flowing into something else like nikkyo is perfectly acceptable.

What I found most remarkable about it was that I felt the nikkyo as nage. I didn't rattle a list of techniques off in my head and pick one. It was just something that I did in response to the resistance.


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