Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Helped My Partner Practice For Her Test Some

I'm still trying to balance my family time with my aikido. My wife was kind enough to let me take her normal Wednesday night out so I could work with my partner for her upcoming test.

After class we went through the list of techniques. I made no comments or tweaking. Tweaking now when the test is next week is counterproductive. She's either ready, or she isn't. So, I just shut up and take ukemi. We went through her list a couple of times. At the end Kim showed up and we gave her some freestyle practice. Officially speaking I don't think USAF typically has a freestyle for 3rd kyu but Shodokan has been doing one for the past few 3rd kyu tests I've seen.

The biggest thing we had her work on for the freestyle was entering more. She would frequently finish a technique and rather than advance to the next uke she would retreat quite a bit. We also worked on what to do in case you are 'stuck'. Kim and I told her that once in a while there is nothing wrong with simply getting out of the way by deflecting the attack and entering past uke. After several attempts she was really improving for that moment. She was entering more and was controlling the uke's better. Part of that was our suggestions that she be mindful of moving in such a way to put uke's in line with each other. Sometimes moving even 4 feet to the right will totally block a second attacker.

Aftwerwards, she made a point of thanking us for working with her. It's nice to be appreciated.

Oh... btw... I got to ask her about the nikkyo the other night. Turns out the reason she hit the deck so fast was that she felt the nikkyo. Regardless of whether I did an effective nikkyo, I think it was just cool that I did the nikkyo as a reaction.


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