Thursday, August 21, 2008

Took a Trip to New England Aikikai Today

I had today off and I always wanted to see NEA so I took a trip in today for their noon class.

It was terrific and the people there were extremely helpful. We started with some back stretches and then "threw down". The techniques were based on a shoulder grab from the front. Nage would then shomen to get uke to block then we did various things from this position. There was a nikkyo, something I believe referred to as a kokyunage (but seemed more like an otoshi to me), and a couple other things such as shihonage.

One technique started with a nikkyo ura. As uke is rising, you step around in front of uke putting your opposite arm on top of uke's sort of wrapping him tight right next to your chest (uke's arm is now rotated as you do this I think) You then turn and go to one knee all in one motion. I had trouble in the beginning going down on the wrong knee. I was very aware of it and eventually fixed it.

One of the more fun techniques had us starting out with the grab and block. Now you take your hand and move it above the blocking hand to uke's wrist as he's cutting down, let him, you tenkan out of the way and throw (one hand on the wrist, the other on his elbow) by going to your knees and projecting him out.

Why go to another dojo? Hmmm sounds like a good topic for a post.


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