Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Tried Out The Ankle

I went to a class Monday night. I noticed that I had problems still even doing basic rolls. When my foot makes contact with the mat it's still uncomfortable. It wasn't horribly painful or anything, just uncomfortable. So.... I was making adjustments in my ukemi to account for my foot.It did feel better right after class. I think really working it loosened everything up and got the blood flowing. Today it feels no worse really. I think I am glad though that the next regular class I would attend would be Friday. We'll see how it feels later in the week.The class itself was great. I was fumbling through some things. At one point Matt asked me for some resistance on a nikkyo so I tried very hard to not allow him to turn my wrist over. Matt's really strong but he allowed me to get a good grab and I was able to really hold on tight. We were noodling around with it for a short bit when Mike came over to make suggestions on what to do if that happens. Turns out... when you make your arm that stiff and put that much strength into an attack, it takes a lot of the slack out of your arm and makes it even easier for nage to apply a technique. It was much more painful to deal with as uke. Once I got the feel of it though I was able to give Matt some resistance and lighten up at a key moment (after he's done a technique).


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