Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did I Forget To Mention We Did Have The Test?

I guess in this period my nage took her test. Before the test I could see how nervous she was. In fact that was the most nervous I had ever seen her. But as soon as the first technique was called out that all got put aside. She did great. She was really focused for the test and stepped up. I tried my best to give her good committed attacks. I even got to breakfall out of her shihonage and put Peter's regular teaching of this(Sunday mornings) to good use.

What I was really impressed with was the improvement in her freestyle. Kim and I worked with her a lot after classes on this. We got her to enter and stop moving backwards. The extra practice time she put in really showed.

There were several other tests that night and everyone actually did quite well. I guess even the uke's did well as a whole. Mr. Mulligan made a note to congratulate the uke's as well for doing a good job.

Hard Drive Crashed

I recently started a new job which is consuming some of my free time. Between that and the recent hard drive crash I had I haven't had lots of opportunity to write anything here.

Suffice it to say, I am still practicing, still learning.

Recent classes have been Friday night with Alan doing a whole class of line throws. I haven't seen a class like that in quite a while. It was definitely fun. One of the more interesting ones is the "rodeo" throw exercise where the attack is a wrist grab and you lead uke behind and around you and then project him forward. I practiced my timing and tried to lead people, not letting them get a good grab until I wanted them too.

Sunday's class with Peter was excellent. We did a bunch of techniques/throws. The one that sticks out in my mind was interesting. Start with two wrists being grabbbed. Enter in a little in front of uke turning your body. The forward foot hand comes to your center breaking uke's balance. At the same time the other hand moves around for a yonkyo like grip. Use the yonkyo hand to lift uke up, cross in front of him by taking a step and then rotate your hips 180 and go down on one foot with the second foot extended out (hips are far back at this point). This brings uke's yonkyo'd hand down in a circle at sort of a 45 degree angle out and then down creating a cool whip effect for uke.

With very little strength/effort I was plastering Buddy to the ground with this technique. I added a second hand to the yonkyo'd grip at one point and I felt I had more control. Buddy told me it felt like a real hard throw once I added the second hand. I felt like I was moving a feather. No strength was involved for it. In practical terms I think you'd either have to get a great yonkyo or have uke stunned from an atemi to get away with walking across the front of him like that but what a fun exercise.

At the end of Monday nights class we were doing a tai otoshi from a tsuki attack. One of my favorites as far as throws go. I needed the practice. I was not stepping out enough to blend with uke and I ended up pulling my arms in tight and having uke go over me. In one case, I had someone smaller than me and I apparently tossed her right over my head. I knew what I was doing wrong right after that and made the correction.

Actually, lately I had a good run of figuring some things out lately. Whether being told by my sensei or my just noticing it. Once I realized the problem was there I was able to make corrections fairly quickly. Maybe this is a trend....... (nah).