Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quiet Improvement

Just before I toasted my ankle we were working on some aikido techniques that I still need practice on. For whatever reason, I give a floating hip to just about every hip throw I can. Not sure when I developed that little bit of muscle memory but it's bad when I have trouble shutting it off.

Anyway.... there is a particular technique that I've never been able to do at all until this class. It's a grab, lift, throw kind of thing. Can't remember the name but it translates to something like that. You essentially grab uke's sleeve/wrist, get really low, extend your arm up as far as possible. You should pretty much have a straight arm. Then pull uke forward over your lower back.

In the past when I tried this I could never even get in the correct position. For whatever reason I just started it doing it. Maybe not perfect every time but at least I'm getting in the correct spot and doing what feels to me an effortless throw.

This is how it is sometimes. It just sneaks up on you. I just showed up and was able to do something I never could before. It's kind of odd that you all of a sudden are able to do something when you hadn't even practiced it. Sometimes progress occurs over time whether you realize it or not.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Uh Oh.... I Finally Got Myself Injured

Friday night we were working on some good defensive techniques. My nage did exactly what he was supposed to do and I ended up hopping back(not unusual for what we were doing). The first hop was a big one. I came down with all my weight plus the energy of the motion right down on my right ankle. I turned my ankle inward. I knew as soon as I did it that it was going to hurt some. I crawled myself off into the corner and a bazillion ice packs were tossed my way. I wrapped it up immediately and watched the rest of the class.

After class I changed, borrowed a compression bandage and somehow managed to hop to my car and drive home. Once I got home I realized how bad it was. It swelled up some. There was a pretty good ache when I moved it. I couldn't put any weight on it.

I sat around the entire weekend letting it rest and it's been healing rapidly. Today I could actually walk on it (with a limp). Any time I try to get up to do anything my wife is all over me to get me to rest it. Overall, I've done pretty well at keeping off of it.

This means of course... no aikido till the ankle is strong enough. I'm hoping it will feel good enough by Friday but I may give it a little more time.

Went to a Seminar Last Week

Portsmouth Aikido was kind enough to host a seminar

It was terrific. Perhaps my favorite technique of the day was a simple one. Get someone in a shihonage like position. But.... Your right hand is holding their left wrist. With your other arm you can sort of reach around the whole bent elbow and hug it towards you a bit as you turn and go down on the inside knee.