Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beef.... It's What's For Dinner

So... I forgot to mention it. Sunday mornings the arnis class is in full swing. They are in the karate dojo right outside the aikido dojo. This is just a different room in the same building. Basically right outside the open doorway.

Most mornings they play some kind of music and I'd say between that and the thwack,,,thwack..thwack of the sticks I pretty much screen everything out. I really don't even hear it. I'm usually too focused on my practice to even hear it.

The music they play is really unusual... usually sounds like the highlanders are coming over the hill in full kilts and battle axes or something.

This morning was a riot though. It was so incongrous I heard it immediately. If you're old enough you'll remember a commercial that was on tv quite a long time ago. It was a beef commercial.

So... I'm sitting there stretching... and all of a sudden I hear......


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