Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Class Monday Night

Mr. Mulligan taught last night. He had us working on exercises to stress us relaxing, moving with our center, and focusing on kazushi. I got a lot of it very right. I got some of it kinda eh... and some I improved on as time went on. Great class.

Beverly had a test night. Things went well enough. Before the test though we did some techniques to help with ukemi practice. I have no idea what was up with Matt. He was keeping up quite a pace. So... he pounded on us.... we pounded on him. I was a little fumbly for some reason. My timing was off so I found certain grabs to be tougher.

Reminds me a story of one of our students at one of tbe two dojo's. I won't say which. :)
He used to keep a big pace going. One of the other students told me how he use to handle him. He would try to push the pace even harder. After some number of repetitions, the other guy would get winded a bit and slow down. I laughed when I heard he was doing this. Defintely not recommended if you can't handle it.


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