Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kaeshi Waza

This morning was not a good morning to be half asleep. Peter started teaching kaeshi waza.

Kaeshi Waza is basically reversals. I'm not sure who is nage or uke in this case but here goes.... uke strikes, nage responds with a technique, and uke then responds to that to do his own technique on nage.

This isn't something they usually teach until after you've been around for a bit. The reason is because beginners would just be reversing their peers like crazy and wouldn't give nage a chance to understand a technique or even develop some muscle memory.

Peter had us start with shomen strike. Nage responds with ikkyo, uke then responded with ikkyo, nikkyo, yonkyo, kaitenage, iriminage, shihonage. There were two reversals that we covered. One is ... as nage starts his ikkyo, uke enters and brings the arm back and around. You can get your hips in on this. So you end up with your own ikkyo. From ikkyo, you can get to a lot of the other techniques. The other reversal was instead of coming back over with your own ikkyo.... you could leave the arm down... and then bring it back up in a circle in the direction its already headed.

Later on we tried a yokomen strike instead... and let that lead to a kotagaeshi. This felt kind of natural for me actually.

I was thinking how to get to udekimenage. I think you could do it similar to the shihonage. Do a sort of sword cut motion to get uke in position and then you have ude.

Great class. Very different for me anyway.


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