Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday Night at Beverly

Someone is ready to take their 5th kyu test. There was some focus on the test techniques. Did some of those. shomenuchi iriminage, tsuki kotagaeshi. ryotetori tenchinage.

For the iriminage, I got one of their newer folks for a partner. Always kind of fun to have someone new. It's always a challenge to do the technique correctly without hurting uke.
Because I was getting natural reactions I was grabbing some gi for some of the iriminage. I wanted to make sure I moved him where I needed him for that first movement of uke after you enter. I was focusing on getting his head in the correct place and keeping him off balance. He did really well picking up aspects of the technique as we practiced.

Di and I did the kotagaeshi together. Excellent practice. I need to make sure I do a full tenkan for that one. Once or twice I caught myself getting lazy.

I would like to test next time there is one. I really need to start working on the test techniques.


At January 15, 2009 10:42 AM, Anonymous Diana said...

Testing soon? Let me know if you need me for whatever. Always happy to help.


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