Friday, January 30, 2009

Woohoo Wednesday Night

I don't often get out Wednesday nights. After the kids went to sleep I was able to head out for a late aikido class in Beverly.

Rob taught. It's really interesting seeing him move now that I know a little more. His movements are really fluid. Oddly enough I seemed to have less difficulty trying to do things Rob's way than in the past. I'm not saying I was doing things 100% right or anything. It's just that some time ago when I took a class I was unable to even come close to doing things in a similar way. Things felt wrong. Now.... it didn't feel that way at all. It could be that I'm just a little more experienced... or it could be that how I do aikido now as I try to make it 'my aikido' is a little closer to what Rob is doing then what I have done in the past.

We did some work on our entry. Then eventually started in with a yokomenuchi iriminage (yay... test technique... thanks Rob!). So I tried to do the technique how Rob was teaching it. I tried to stay focused on getting uke to my shoulder as usual but I was also working on my kazushi in general.

Another technique we did was one that originally came from Peter. We've done it in a class in Salem once too. You start off with an iriminage but in the case where uke gets away from you, you can move uke's head around just a bit more and you end up next to uke almost at a 45 degree angle maybe. At this point Peter would have us grab the head/neck and do a throw (supporting the head for uke). Rob modified this a bit so no head grab is done. Keep the handhold on ukes arm and neck and push uke for the throw (yoko I believe).


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