Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey.... A Test Technique

Wife wasn't going out tonight so I took off for aikido.

Beverly had a relatively new student that just did amazing. I've seen people with other martial arts skills start before and they may have some skills that they manage to carry over into aikido but this guy was excellent. I suspect he'll advance his technique relatively quickly.

I worked with Matt mostly. We started with ikkyo, then later moved to a couple of different nikkyo's. For the nikkyo ura, I actually needed to smooth out some wrinkles. I was doing a bit of pulling and not enough leading. Once it was pointed out I was able to do something immediately.

We moved on to a kaitenage. Good practice actually as that's on my next test.

At the end of class Mike told Rob and I to try a kokyu dosa or seuo nage or some other kind of throw. I didn't have these down well so I ended up puttering a bit.

Nice class.


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