Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nice Class.... For a Gorilla

A new person showed up for class. She had a martial arts background already. Some kung fu and other stuff.

It always fascinates me how people have several martial arts under their belt. I didn't find anything until I started with aikido.

Took it easy for the most part in this class. We started out with a little ukemi practice by doing some kind of otoshi from tsuki. It's a great way to practice breakfalls.

Afterwards we did some ikkyo omote and ura. I worked with this guy who is newer. Without thinking much about it, the first ikkyo I did I just did normally. Then I realized that I needed to slow things up a bit to get my uke used to things.

Towards the end of class Mike told Diana and I to do a little ude garame from the same entry. I noticed that she does it a bit different from me. She was sort of pushing the arm in the direction it needed to go. I learned this from Peter in Salem. What I learned to do is get uke into an ikkyo so we are standing over them with hands on their elbow and wrist.... then instead of sliding behind uke's arm for a sankyo.... you reach on top of... then under to grab your own wrist. Take a big step in front of uke and turn the whole mess over. As uke is hitting the ground let the hold go and pressure the elbow to help uke turn over for a pin. We were plowing each other down. It was a lot of fun. One of the ones she did on me was so small and tight, I had no room to do anything other than flip over. Very cool.

Oh ... once in a while I watch a youtube video where someone is doing something so well, it's just amazing to watch.

My ukemi is relatively fine..... but when I look at this I think I move like a clumsy gorilla.


At February 04, 2009 9:15 AM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

That is a nice video. We don't do back rolls in our style, be do back falls. I might try to add back rolls to my warm up set, just for grins, after seeing those.

At February 05, 2009 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll get Donovan back to Shodokan and you can learn how to melt like butter!

At February 06, 2009 4:41 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

I'd certainly love to watch him however...

I've come to realize a while ago that no one is going to get me to move like butter unless I do it somehow. Now that I've seen this... Maybe I can noodle around with it some. Try to pay more attention to see how close I am now.

I also sometimes wish I had full control of my own schedule so I could take advantage of the teaching that's around me every week.

eg. Tonight I can only go to the first class. I can't get to Mr. Mulligan's class.


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