Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Throw Night

I got to be demo boy for Bob last night. We did lots of interesting stuff including some otoshi, koshinage, and something I think you refer to as ippon seoi nage (Tony's favorite).

Some of it seemed natural enough. I worked quite a bit on timing, and keeping my eyes from looking down at the floor. I think I was generally positioning myself well for the various throws.

My biggest problem was with the phone call throw. You have uke's lapel, swing him behind you and bring the hand that has the lapel towards your ear to load him up, then throw him. I was having all kinds of problems with this throw. At some stages I was leaving uke behind me essentially putting myself in a position to shihonage myself. I was having other issues as well. It's just one of those techniques I need to observe more and practice. Eventually I'll get it.

After class, I headed over to the Beverly dojo for a second class that night. Rob was teaching. Talk about fluidity. He had us doing some basic stuff at first. He made some tweaks... then later he added some more complex techniques. Pretty neat. I got my knee tweaked on a hip throw of some kinds. It still hurts a bit from impacting the mat a while back. It's generally ok except for backward rolls and when I fall incorrectly.


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