Friday, February 20, 2009

Ushiro Ryokatatori

Mr. Mulligan had us work with ushiro ryokatatori. We went through ikkyo, sankyo, kotagaeshi, shihonage, koshinage, and kokyunage. A lot of them felt rather natural. The kokyunage is always challenging for me. There are some kokyunage that I can do without issue. The one tonight was a puzzler for me. In the end I was showing some improvement but didn't feel I had it quite right. When Mr. Mulligan had us attack dynamically and pull backward, the kokyunage got a lot easier for me to do.

For a sankyo I inadvertantly tortured Chris. I didn't think I had it that tight on him. I think he had an elbow injury I wasn't aware of. When I took the slack out of the sankyo, I expected him to move. Instead I actually got a yelp. I felt pretty bad. He's real experienced so I was surprised I hurt him. He said his elbow was already hurt. His elbow must have been really messed up.


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