Thursday, March 05, 2009

Everyone Should Be My Size

Friday night, Mr. Mulligan started us off doing tenkan practice with our partners. Basically... do a wrist grab and nage tenkans. The goal is to move in a relaxed manner with your center to affect uke's balance. Sounds easy and in a sense it is except when it's not. I had done lots of this exercise back in my days at the Gloucester dojo. After a couple I got back into a groove of being very relaxed and stable.

I seem to remember going through different sets of exercises that all depended upon our ability to move correctly. One was interesting because of a difference in body type. My uke had much shorter arms than me. I end up wrapping my arm over and behind theirs and try to force them forward with pressure at their elbow. I had trouble doing this because I couldn't get on uke's elbow.

The end of the night culminated in our choice of three throws. My uke didn't want to be thrown so we just fit in. This made some of it a bit harder in some ways but really I should be able to load him up correctly. I decided to experiment at one point trying to combine the earlier armbar movement to get uke moving so I could get him behind me by my reversing my direction for a throw. In other words... arm bar uke's left arm. Once he's moving, turn and take the elbow and wrist as I turn to my right and throw.

Cool idea but the initial arm bar was so hard for me (short armed uke) that it wasn't smooth. I need to figure out how to get that on a different body type.


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