Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Class For Me

We started with some tenkans, which is becoming a more common exercise at both Salem and Beverly lately. Can't really do too many tenkans. If nothing else, they help get things flowing.

We did our ukemi practice including some shikyo which is good. I still have the spot on my knee which I hit regularly. I've had this from a long time ago. It feels like some nerves got damaged or something because there is now a spot on my knee that when it is pushed on just immediately hurts. I have a feeling it will take many months to get rid of this one. So.... if I do backwards rolls it gets nailed. Makes suwari waza interesting anyway.

We ended up doing yokomenuchi kotagaeshi, tsuki kaitenage, ushiro ryokatori sankyo. Yep. These are all 3rd kyu techniques. They know I have a test coming up and getting to practice these over and over is a major help. Jim even went over a piece of the hanmi handache shihonage I'll do as part of the test as well.

We even did a few of the uchi version of tsuki kaitenage. You need really sticky hands for this one. The key for me was to push uke's arm out with my tegatana. That really helped get my hand in the correct position for the rest of the technique.

Although I still don't feel fully prepared for the test I feel a lot better about it. I'd like the test to look as polished as possible. The move for the Salem dojo has the test date up in air a bit. I'm hoping it gets pushed off a month... but whenever they decide to hold it I will be testing.

My thanks to the Beverly dojo for indulging me. Hopefully the other students took something away from the class as well.

Honestly, I like the techniques involved for this test. They are all a lot of fun. Last night was a blast.

Next up I'll be practicing the kneework for the suwari waza and hanme handache stuff.


At March 17, 2009 1:26 PM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

Nidan is the first belt for which we have to do any suwari waza. I think there are just 4 kneeling techniques, but maybe there are 8. I can't recall right off hand.

I tend to do some knee walking practice during the ukemi warmup section of class. Some of the other folks will often join in, so we propagate the technique. I can't remember an actual "teaching" of the knee walking. Sensei will comment as I move about the mat, however.

At March 28, 2009 11:00 AM, Blogger uchi deshi said...

Heya, Pox, Thanks for the message on my blog. BTW, I have similar knee issues, and we do a lot of shiko. I learned very early on, after several bloody knees, to wear wrestling knee pads. I never train on my knees without them anymore.


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