Thursday, March 05, 2009

Got To A Late Class

The bad weather scared me away from practice Monday night. Luckily I was able to escape Wednesday night after I got the kids to bed.

Jim taught tonight. Ukemi practice has actually been annoying lately. My right knee is tender and backwards rolls still make me twinge. I've tried to adjust for it but it makes my rolls funny.

We started with a Shomenuchi Sankyo. Good practice for me. Diana and I were partners. Jim made a point to point out that you can get uke down where you want by cranking the arm.

We also did a sankyo into a throw. After getting the sankyo turn and move their elbow in a circle. They can roll out or breakfall out of it.

We moved on to a shoulder grab nikkyo. I enjoyed this a lot. I tried different variations. So did Diana. I gave Diana a little resistance. She's so far along that giving feedback on whether she's got the nikkyo or not is useful. She started out just missing it on a couple of the variations. By the end of the class she was crushing me. Very cool. At one point I had to move way in and grabbed around her body to relieve it. Then she asked if she got it or am I just going down. Ahhhh... no... you got it all right!

Rob worked in with us on this. It was really interesting. As uke he moved around a bit causing me to have to move to keep up with him to do the technique. It was nice and flowing. Hopefully this was his intent. Overall, I tried to take it easy on the nikkyo for everyone. It's tough to tell whether you have it sometimes.

Good practice.


At March 05, 2009 8:26 PM, Anonymous Diana : ) said...

I'm just now getting some feeling back in my right hand. You have Principle #3 down, for sure!!
Sankyo very much!! Nice class.


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