Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Class in Salem

It's hard for me to make it to earlier classes during the week cause of the family but I made it a point to get in so I can see if I could sign up for the test. Bob had me fill out the paper work so assuming there are no surprises I guess I'm all set for Wednesday night.

Tonight's class was nice. We went over a few of the test techniques. It just so happens that we hit the ones I was most concerned about. There are a couple that I hadn't done in quite a while. Bob gave me a couple things to tweak which is nice. You can fix a couple of minor things but if you're testing there really isn't time to do major changes. You'll just screw yourself up trying.

I worked with Joanna tonight. We actually made it a point to try to work with each other as we hadn't partnered for a while. I don't know if we just blend well together or her or my aikido's improved but she seemed to move really fluidly. Frankly, I'd love to have her as uke for the test but I'm guessing that they like to see similar height. I already asked Dave anyway and Kim keeps asking if he can uke for me.

Anyway, Joanna and I had a great work out. She said I was one of the people in the dojo that pushes her and that's why she likes to work out with me. Last time we worked together was a Friday night Alan class. I showed her how to protect herself as uke for udekimenage and also showed her how to breakfall out of it.

One thing I just remembered about that night. Joanna did an atemi and actually would have connected with my face were it not for my protecting hand. Even with my hand in place, the strike pushed my hand up into my face some. It was good practice for me to cover up.

The nerve problem in my knee wasn't a huge issue. We did a lot of knee work and for whatever reason I was able tolerate it fine. At first all the knee work was uncomfortable and then for whatever reason I settled in and it became comfortable.

So... at one point I was working with this guy Chris.... he looked at me during the free practice period and said.... could you do a throw of some kind? I said... sure.. I can do something. So he does a yokomen... I bring it down... and what was my reaction? Otoshi. I had the sleeve grabbed well... brought it up.. stepped through and throw.... On a good night I can do those in a relaxed manner. Because we were practicing for a test I didn't go all the way down for the throw but I did lower my center. Don't know where that came from.... it just seemed like the thing to do.


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