Monday, March 09, 2009

Practice Makes Ehhhh....

Kim offerred to meet me after class and go through the next test with me. So I stuck around and we went through it. I really wanted to get to a second class tonight but it's been so long since I went through the whole test that I really couldn't say no to Kim's offer.

Overall, I have to say I'm a mess. Some of my suwari waza footwork needed help. I think I figured out the major problems for most of the techniques. It's been so long since I did most of them. The familiar ones are yokomenuchi kotagaeshi, yokomenuchi iriminage, shomenuchi sankyo, tsuki kaitenage. I've seen these somewhat recently at least. The rest I had to muddle my way through. I was having some hesitation with Kim as well. I started with Kim back in Gloucester. Because I've known Kim for quite a while I've always had trouble with him as my uke. His ukemi is fine but even after all this time I feel like I can't do a technique with him for fear of injuring him. The guy is so stiff it's hard to believe he doesn't get hurt more often. I really need to get over that. He's pretty much the only one that I feel that way with. I mean... when you have a beginner of course you have to be careful but Kim has been around long enough I know his ukemi is good enough and yet I still hesitate with him.

Tonight class was different. Dave had us do ukemi and since he had a little extra time he started a line for tsuki sumi otoshi. After this... Bob grabbed a staff and started class with some staff work. After that we moved to an ushiro attack with a tanto. He first said.... turn around deflect the knife hand and see what you can get. My first attempt I got an ude garame. The second time I came around on the open side. I brought the knife hand across in a word draw like move with my hips back and away from the blade then for whatever reason I reversed it, came under and got a nice sankyo. I wasn't too unhappy with this frestyle movement. I felt as though I had uke and knife under control and I was just reacting to the attack.

After a few minutes Bob had us do a more direct sankyo on the open side and on the other side we did a kotagaeshi.

The test is originally scheduled for end of this month but there is a high chance it will get pushed off a month. That would be quite fine as far as I'm concerned.

A small group of beginners started last week. I haven't gotten to help much as yet. Mr. Mulligan grabbed me tonight to take some simple ukemi for him. I would have been happy to help out more.

I hated missing that second class. Maybe I can catch it next week.


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