Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've taken 4 classes since I posted last. I'll try to remember highlights of each one.

Friday, Sensei Mulligan said for this class he wanted to allow Serge to train for his test so rather than a normal class he had him working on his test techniques. The remainder of us paired off and practiced for each of our upcoming tests. April 1 was mentioned as the test date. After class I mentioned my interest in testing. My query was met with some hesitancy for some reason.

Sunday, Peter had us doing responses to tsuki strikes. Then had us do a frestyle of sorts asking us to try and use each one a couple of times. I actually did this fairly well. For good or bad... rather than doing two of these and then two of those, I ended up doing them mixed up. The reason was because of the timing. I would receive an attack, not think too much and respond with what felt right. I didn't plan on doing it this way. Actually, I planned on doing them in pairs so I could keep track. All that goes out the window in a freestyle for me. I suspect this is a good thing though.

Monday, Was able to get to Beverly. Mike had us do some ukemi practice using a jo. We also did some jo techniques that were meant for nage's benefit as well. I don't remember much but we did practice a otoshi and ippo seoi nage.

Friday, this week. I manage to get the kids down to bed and head off to the late class. Mr. Mulligan had us working on what we 've been focusing on the past few classes. Two attackers, each grabbing an arm in various ways. I had mixed success with these. There is one where you bring one arm up, turn and go beneath it to draw both ukes in together, then come down and up and over like a wave to throw them. The biggest problem I have is that I lose connection with the uke on the side for the upper arm (the one you cross under). Uke loses his grip no matter how gently, smoothly I do this.

The issues surrounding the upcoming test had me so distracted that I actually missed two demonstrations last night. This pretty much never happens to me on the mat. I'm usually much more focused on my practice regardless of what else is going on.

I saw a few people scrambling last night to get their paperwork filled out as somehow they were not aware of the date. This is not typical but is part of the baggage that goes along with a move I guess. I doubt I can come Wednesday night at this point which is disappointing as I had enough hours for this test about a year ago. So, I'm a little overdue. I guess I'll be testing in the new dojo when we move.


At March 29, 2009 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So are you saying that you can't make the Wednesday no matter what... or that you would if Sensei Mulligan seemed encouraging?

Perhaps meeting Monday after class can shed some light on the situation and there's s good chance you can do the paperwork and test on Monday... you should... you're overdue.

- Bob

At March 29, 2009 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be clearer I meant "there's s good chance you can do the paperwork on Monday and test..." meaning on Wednesday... but let's at least talk about it... e-mail if that's easier/quicker.

- Bob


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