Saturday, March 07, 2009

Slept Well Last Night

Took the two Friday night classes. Alan was focusing on doing some freestyle practice within set limits. Such as.... uke always attacks with a particular attack. For the most part I was fine. There was one particular attack that I found harder than the others to deal with. I guess I don't have a "go to" technique as yet for that. I was purposely trying to not plan my reaction. I wanted to react to what I was given. In some ways it's easier to do this... and in other ways harder.

Mr. Mulligan had us learning more about dealing with realistic attacks. After that we worked on a set of ushiro attacks which mostly involved at least a collar grab. I had Buddy for a partner for most of this. He was great. Buddy was very good at entering and shoving me off balance, getting an ikkyo, iriminage. I ended up getting some good techniques as well. We even tried a near full speed nikkyo. I was able to turn around and slap one on with control fairly fast. Hard enough to get uke down... not too hard as to do any real damage to him. The best part about it is that I got a realistic reaction from my uke. When I spun around I got the arm but he straight armed me. You can still do a nikkyo with this but in a sense you have to be even more careful because if you do get it, it can hurt uke lots more.

We then moved on to a little bit of sensitivity training. Instead of just a grab... we worked with a grab and push or... grab and pull. We were trying all sorts of variations on the attack. Grab attempt to turn nage and then punch to the face with the other hand.... this was in my opinion a not too unlikely attack. Buddy dealt with it nicely. I had a couple of interesting reactions. Somehow I got into kaitenage a couple of times..... I also ended up with a throw I don't know the name of.... One way to set it up is to do something like iriminage, except when nage is down, don't let him back up... instead force nage's head to continue along the same circle. You end up grabbing nage by the neck/head and throwing him forward. You support the neck to be nice to uke. It's a real tight feeling ukemi.

After the two classes I got home and I felt great. Whenever I expend that much energy I sleep like a rock. WIsh I could do that more often.

I'm supposed to be testing soon. I have no idea if it's a good idea in terms of preperation. I hadn't been able to go through my test much as yet. Kim has offerred to help me out but I don't know if I can be there during the times he's available to help. I still think I'd pass but I'd like to do better than have it be a mess. This is all assuming our move goes well. There was talk that there is a chance the test will be delayed. I'd be all for that.


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