Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3rd Kyu Test Tonight

We started the night off with a normal class. Typcially for test nights no test techniques are really done. We did some katatetori shihonage. We then tried doing all 4 directions for it. Oddly enough we don't practice this much I guess. At least I don't. It's become obvious that I should practice east and west more often. The partner I had for this is one of those large muscular bulky kind of guys with no flexibility. So trying to get his arm to go around in the right way, maintaining control, and not having a hole in the technique was difficult. He made some suggestions for me which worked really well. I'm very glad I got to work with him.

It was test night. After a long wait I finally tested for 3rd kyu. I was very relaxed for the test and tried to focus on technique. For the most part the test went as I planned. I was interested in showing variations of technique. As long as they didn't force me on to a new techinque I figured showing 3 or 4 versions of something would be nice. As it is I managed to squeeze in a few versions for each iriminage and a couple versions of kotagaeshi. I was interested in showing the seldom used uchi version of kaitenage but they called for a new technique before I had the chance.

Honestly I think my practice was better than the techniques during the test but I did well enough. I think it was a good demonstration. I think my sankyo rocked. Jim recently had me practicing taking uke down in a controlled manner. Not just taking a step or two and following uke but cranking him down to the mat with nage in control. I did that well for the test. Is this something new? Nah. My teachers for years talked about doing this. I finally reached a point where I am actually listening. At least for that.

I must confess I had a 'senior' moment at one point. I wasn't sure what technique we were on, so I figured I'd just let Dave attack and I'd figure it out. That plan actually worked fine. As soon as he attacked I knew what we were doing.

Dave did a tremendous job as my uke. Odd thing is, I asked him to uke for the test maybe 3 months ago but I haven't seen him since. We never really worked on the mat together except for the test. It's a good thing he's a great uke.

Even though it isn't a USAF requirement we do a freestyle for most 3rd kyu tests. I was effective but sloppy. I've had lots better freestyles for sure. I did manage to get off a shihonage, kaitenage, kotagaeashi, iriminage, and udekimenage. I'm shocked I didn't do a sumi-otoshi. I was hoping to get off a hip throw or something. I just was not smooth. But... that's fine. Something to work on. I did at least manage to dump one uke in front of another a couple of times.

Everyone's test looked fine. Serge took a 1st kyu test and did excellent. It was fascinating to watch. Particularly the tantotori. Serge is 100% blind. Yet.... he heard the scrape of a foot, a swish or maybe he felt the mat near him move. Somehow, he was reacting to the incoming knife attack amazingly well.

Thanks to everyone involved.


At April 02, 2009 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Job!!! Looking forward to giving you your congradulatory toss. I believe you are ready for your new rank. Rob

At April 02, 2009 9:31 AM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

Oops. That earlier comment was by me


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