Sunday, April 05, 2009

Moving Time

We had a cool class today. It was a two handed collar grab but from the front. Usually this double collar grab is done from ushiro.

So ... we went through kotagaeshi, sankyo, kokyunage, shihonage, and koshinage.

When I was in threesome there was a little downtime waiting for my turn. During this I frequently watch others. One thing I noticed people having a problem with... The kokyunage from this attack was a step out to take uke with you. A step back in the direction you came from. Thread your arm between uke's two arms which are still on your shoulders. Then pivot your hips and finish. One thing I saw was when people were coming back through they started back for the throw early. Why does it matter? I noticed that if you rush to the throw an important bit of unbalancing is left out. You need to come all the way through before coming back. If you don't, the moment of unbalancing just isn't the same.

The koshinage I seem to have no problem with. This was a go off the line some, push the inside of the elbow down so the elbow gets planted into your other hand. Grab the gi at the elbow, turn push up, throw. Is that considered a koshinage? Well... anyway, I'm spotty with this technique. Last time I did this I had a few problems. This time I was ok.

Oh... I was on the promotion list so I passed my 3rd kyu test. Associated with that I wore a brand new gi to practice today. Trying to keep a beginners mind as they say. It's all too easy to go through the motions without thinking. Most days I'm pretty good at dissecting my practice. Sometimes I don't figure out things until I've been off the mat for a few hours.

I had no idea people were doing a little moving work today. I might have been able to arrange for time to help. It appeared as though they were going to remove the front sign off the building. No minor feat. From my view on the ground it looked like it was lagged into the side of the building. Although the sign didn't look huge it looked fairly heavy. From my view on the ground I noticed a couple of c screws or eye screws coming out of the top. I made the suggestion before I left that maybe they would consider running a line over the steel arm(that holds the light) and down to sign just for safety. I believe when I left their plan was to just grab it and walk it down a ladder on each side without bothering with my idea. Uhhh ok. Hopefully, they got it down without incident. Makes you wonder how they got it up there to begin with.


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