Monday, April 13, 2009

New Dojo Space Looks Great

Stayed for two classes Friday night. First class was particularly fun because we were doing some kind of koshinage. First of all... for whatever reason this version felt really natural to me. I was entering smoothly and usually in a good position. The second reason this was fun was because I got to help someone get comfortable with falling from this correctly.

Start off with a same side wrist grab. Tenkan, turn uke around by swinging the arm(I added an atemi here), and enter, then uke just goes over your back. Keep your arm and uke extended the whole time as you turn.

Alan started class with the usual ukemi practice. Afterwards he had us start a line practicing breakfalls. We went through a few times.

We started class with a nikkyo. This was nice. Change of techniques brought us.... a throw.

We did a whole bunch of lifts/fitting in and my partner said he was ready to take a fall. I said great and did my thing. Uke neglected to grab my gi or hook my arm or anything. Instead he went over and planted his hand down on the mat. I was on him immediately to see if he was ok and then told him he needs to hold on to nage's gi and fall like we did with the preceding breakfall practice. After this he started holding on sort of but not in the best spot so I made sure I grabbed his arm. After a while it was obvious that he was much more comfortable taking this throw. I kept at him a bit trying to get him to grab my gi in the right spot as the next nage won't know to support him. He needs to learn to protect himself. By the time we changed techniques he was taking the throw pretty well as uke. He started to improve as nage as well. Always makes me feel good when I can help someone advance in some way.... in this occassion his ukemi.

Later on I took the second class with Mr. Mulligan. We started out with a judo exercise in off-balancing. Grabbing opposite shoulder and elbows, you try to move uke in 8 directions while staying on balance yourself. I remember doing this exercise once before about 3 years back in a Bob class. We tried some different techniques but the point of them was to be mindful of the kazushi. Excellent practice.

After class I heard that someone was headed to the new dojo space so I figured I'd tag along so I could get a look and figure out exactly where it is. Very, nice building. Probably less parking so we'll be hitting the street for some parking when there are nights when multiple arts are training (such as arnis).

Inside, the space had been demo'd some to suit our needs. It appears that the interior walls were insulated which they usually only do for soundproofing. Nice construction. The aikido space is more square then our current space and perhaps larger. Hard to tell. I'm not sure what we'll be doing but I'm hoping we putting down a layer of foam puzzle mats or something before we drop the mats. The floors are solid concrete. With have high quality zebra mats but what you put them on makes a huge difference in how they feel. I've visited more than a few dojo's over the years and I've seen what the different surfaces feel like. I'll adapt regardless so I'm not majorly concerned.

I saw a lot of nooks for storgage. I'm not sure what the room is going to be but there was one room that was on a corner that had nice openable windows lining two walls. It would make a great office. Anyway. The building looks great. Everyone seems very excited about the move.


At April 18, 2009 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That will be the lounge... you should see what's happened in a week! We'll definitely be in new fresh, upgraded and beautiful space by May 1.


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